Anderson Berries, Bluegrass and BBQ Festival canceled

PINEVILLE – Ken Schutten, president of the Anderson Betterment Club and organizer of the Berries, Bluegrass and BBQ festival, notes that the festival was canceled due to rain.

Schutten said the Anderson Betterment Club had consulted the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Springfield, with the two coming to the conclusion that the rain would be consistent on the day of the planned festival – which turned out to be true.

Schutten said there was no rescheduled date due to other upcoming community events and pre-arranged group schedules.

“Anytime there’s rain in the forecast or it’s raining, it really reduces the number of visitors you have,” Schutten said. “And we didn’t want our vendors to go out and get their produce, cook their food, and not have a big enough crowd to make money to make it worthwhile.”

Schutten said the festival cannot be postponed until after upcoming community events because the strawberries (which the festival is focused on) will not be in season.

“The festival is a celebration of the history of the strawberry industry,” Schutten said. “Anderson, at one time, was the strawberry capital of the world, from the 1920s through the 1950s.”

Schutten said the festival t-shirts will be available for purchase at the next Anderson Farmer’s Market on May 28. Shirts will be available at local businesses after the Farmer’s Market. Schutten added that the club plans to set a reschedule date next year to avoid the event being canceled entirely.

The club is planning activities later in the year, including the Homecoming Parade and Winterfest. Those interested in participating in Anderson Betterment Club activities can attend the club meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 2 at the New Mac Building in Anderson.

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