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A rainy day spent watching Korean dramas, armed with a few snacks and a bottle of Jinro Soju, can be quite the thrill for a K-drama fan. There’s something about stories that pulls people in and makes them want to experience what they see on screen in real life. Goofy situations, back hugs, intriguing plots, incredible fashion, eating ramen from the pot, corny confessions about the famous Jinro soju? Yes to all.

Kapuso star Therese Malvar is a proud K-drama fan. She knows why K-dramas keep her coming back longer, sleepless nights and all. “They know how to give you the right amount of cliffhangers and lots of twists!” exclaims the 21-year-old actress. “You would like to watch the next episode right away.” And who here promised to watch just one more, but couldn’t stop until the very last episode?

It may have been this handsome oppa that caught our attention at first, but we stayed in the fandom for the emotions that K-dramas evoke in us. It doesn’t matter if the story is about a business rivalry or an alien love affair. Everyone knows what it’s like to love or be hurt, laugh or cry, and those emotions are what make even the most fantastic people-related K-dramas. “I always like to see the positive in things when I’m looking for myself”, thinks Thérèse. “So I think coming of age yung K-drama ng buhay ko.”

The actress, who has an impressive list of local and international awards to her name, even draws inspiration from K-dramas for her own acting. “It helped me a lot because I see different types of characters and methods of action,” she explains. “Laking tulong ng puyat ko!” she adds jokingly.

For fans like Therese, mimicking on-screen moments is a way to relive the emotions felt when they first watched the dramas. She admits to having a lot of Korean influences, like her love for her growing collection of pastel and nude outfits, as well as eating kimchi at every opportunity. Even celebrations with her friends can be a scene from a K-drama, complete with Korean barbecue and the ever-familiar green bottle of Jinro Soju. “K-Dramas [introduced] me at soju because there are a lot of fun scenes with soju,” recalls Thérèse. “It has become my favorite drink because Jinro Soju is so light and refreshing.”

Jinro Soju has been a favorite in South Korea and overseas due to its clear and refreshing taste. It has been named the world’s best-selling spirits brand for 20 consecutive years. It’s the real original soju, known for its toad logo and subtle flavors like green Jinro grape, grapefruit, plum and strawberry. People enjoy it as it is or mixed in a cocktail. Due to its popularity, other brands have tried to emulate Jinro and its iconic green bottle. These replicated products may be sold everywhere, but nothing beats the genuine original Jinro soju.

There are many dreamy scenes in K-dramas which, together with Jinro Soju, touch fans’ hearts and make fans want to relive the moment as their own. As for Therese, she’s still waiting for her own oppa experience, a kind of Jinro Soju Wonderland scene that makes her heart skip a beat every time she sees it on screen: a sweet and awkward confession while riding his ideal oppa. “It’s one of my favorites!” she laughs, “It would be cute if that happened to me.”

For now though, Therese is living her life to the fullest even without her dream oppa. Work can keep her busy, but she always finds time to relax with her friends over a refreshing bottle of Jinro Soju. “Yes, it’s a link for us!” she shares. “Kapag can celebrate that we are drinking Jinro Soju. We drink very moderately, but favorite drink namin ang soju! For Thérèse, their favorite flavors brighten up even the simplest gatherings.

K-dramas teach us to find joy in insignificant moments, never give up on our dreams, and give us hope that even the most arrogant person can find redemption. So, for other K-drama fans, go ahead and indulge in your latest favorite series. Remember, real life is as good, if not better, than your favorite on-screen moments.

Try this fangirl’s Jinro Soju recommendation!

Like any fan, Therese has her own favorite Jinro Soju. She enjoys the fruity and sweet taste of Jinro Soju Strawberry. For a relaxing evening of watching K-drama, she recommends a Korean barbecue or sisig, paired with Jinro Soju mixed with strawberry milk and a lime soda. Just the perfect Jinro cocktail for a relaxing and comfortable night.

Jinro Soju is available both via delivery online and in supermarkets and convenience stores at national scale. Drink responsibly.

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