Coca-Cola collaboration with Marshmello Drops in Southeast Asia

Coca-Cola has launched its first ever drink co-created with an artist, the Marshmello Limited Edition Coca-Cola Bottles in a limited edition version.

“It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola on this limited edition,” said Marshmello, an American electronic music producer and DJ.

“We’ve created a vibrant mix of my favorite flavors in this brand new blend. I think it tastes amazing and I hope the fans will like it too.

Don’t expect it to taste like marshmallows, says Coca-Cola, describing the limited-edition drink as “a refreshing fusion of the artist’s favorite flavors, strawberry and watermelon, blended together to taste great. of Coca Cola”.

“Music – just like Coca-Cola™ – has incredible power to connect communities and create opportunities for shared experiences,” said Teejae Sonza, Marketing Manager for Trademark Coca-Cola’s Coca-Cola ASEAN Business Unit. & South Pacific.

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“For this second drop of Coca-Cola Creations that we are doing here in ASEAN and the South Pacific, we sought to add an unexpected remix of flavors to a great taste of Coca-Cola, and Marshmello is the perfect collaborator,” she added. “It’s an exciting step for our brand to introduce the Coca-Cola Limited Edition of Marshmello and invite fans to immerse themselves in the world of Mello.”

Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola in the Zero Sugar variant drops in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines this month.

“Collectible slim cans with striking black-and-white visuals pay homage to the artist’s signature aesthetic, as well as dripping Spencerian script, merging the brands into a smooth, satisfying vibe,” said the brand, adding that it had partnered with Forpeople on the packaging design. .

Coca-Cola recently announced the release of the ‘Dreamworld’ flavor which it described as “A fantastic look and feel completes the drink’s flavor profile by fusing together whimsical shapes, electric colors and a 3D expression of the script Coke’s signature to create an illusory landscape visual on Coca-Cola Dreamworld packaging, in-store merchandising, and other physical and virtual elements.

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