Colorado cannabis sales are slowing and readers offer explanations

Colorado marijuana sales are expected to reach just $1.8 billion in 2022, the lowest total for a calendar year since 2019. According to the state Department of Revenue, dispensary sales were just under 146 .4 million in June. This is around 22% less than for the same month in 2021, and almost 27% less than in June 2020.

Dispensary sales have fallen for thirteen consecutive months year-over-year, but the June 2022 statistics reflect particularly poor store performance. Of the six months of sales numbers reported so far in 2022, June was the second-lowest, just barely beating February — traditionally the worst month for dispensaries — by $1.1 million.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page with the story, readers come up with many theories for the fall. Spencer says:

With more and more states legalizing, the luster and tradition of visiting Colorado for a weed vacation is diminishing.

Randall adds:

Too many dispensaries. Of course, there would be a jolt.

Greg replies:

It looks like a simple market correction.

Jordan explains:

IMO, 2020 and 2021 were more anomalies due to COVID. Now there are fewer people staying indoors and sales are down to 2019 levels.

Suggests Daniel:

This is only a problem if the owners want to keep paying themselves millions of dollars a year. Why are we still paying Whole Foods prices for Walmart products?

Note Victor:

Too many vegans in Colorado, not enough hippies.

Skittle offers:

Everyone cultivates their own! To finish! We win.

And Fred concludes:

Well, that means people go back to where they came from. I don’t care about overcrowded Colorado…

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