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IN SEARCH OF CULINARY CHILLS — News about mushrooms and other things to calm you down

Posted at 12:02 a.m. on Friday, September 9, 2022

People are posting pictures of the crazy mushrooms our wet weather has encouraged in the yards of Southeast Texas.

I found a patch that looked like a golden marshmallow topping on a holiday casserole of sweet potatoes. But I wouldn’t eat anything I found.

Foraging sounds fun, but I’m no expert. The Fantastic Fungi documentary is all the rage for me now, as I enjoy store-bought mushrooms raw, in sauce and such.

Here’s news about mushrooms and other things to calm you down:

“Food you love that loves you back” – Rorie Weisberg makes you want to cook amazing spreads, and the photos give you confidence in your ability. She makes the classics better for you, and they couldn’t taste any sweeter. This book contains balsamic garlic mushrooms, breaded veal in wine sauce, cauliflower farfel, chestnut soup, frittata, dip, soup, ratatouille, and more. offers better-for-you ingredients and gluten-free and grain-free recipes with video demos.

Fruiting Body is a new mushroom term I picked up. Strawberry Passionfruit is the flavor of a Troop 6-Mushroom blend that can support gut health, improve energy, healthy stress response, antiviral responses and other great stuff found on Let me tell you that it is a delight and a pleasure to take.

FreshCap contains powders, capsules and gummies that focus on focus as well as clarity and mood. How about Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake and Chaga in one powder? Ok, my favorite is the cola flavored Ultimate Complex gummies that smell like a roll-on lip gloss I had in college. I can “focus” on those good memories on

Here is the point – “What’s the point?” my friend texted when i told her i had cans of 66° Beverage Co. dealcoholized wine. Didn’t she see the mention that it’s a CBD hemp infusion? I like Red best from the canned beverage collection. White and rosé are not lazy, however. It has fewer calories than hangover-free wine, the makers say. It was fun to try, so my friend just missed it. started in 2013 and Courtship Wines Inc. is in Buffalo, NY

Black sheep – Crispy and sweet merengues are my favorite and Black Sheep has a twist. At 5 calories per serving, you won’t get gluten but will get CBD in flavors like cappuccino, chocolate, and birthday cake. These packets become conversation starters when you give them to friends. Learn more at

Barbeque – It’s okay to start your BBQ party in California if you’re “obsessed with quality” like Kinder’s BBQ Sauce. I’ll even forgive the abbreviation “bbq”. I love the flavor of Roasted Garlic, Cali Gold, and Mild Sauces that will rock your meat meal without high fructose corn syrup or modified food starches. Like a friction? Kinder has that too. Sliders, ribs, and the usual suspects benefit. Go to for ideas like pizza, chicken salad and apple pudding, no kidding. It’s great on a meatless Monday when you switch to mushrooms as your main course.

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