New Farmer’s Market and Local Artisan Shop Opening on College Avenue – My Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON – A group of local farmers and artists have come together to create an indoor farmer’s market and local artisan shop in Buckhannon.

The new store is located at 1 College Avenue, Suite 102. It is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Tom Thacker, owner of the property, said he had always wanted to host an indoor farmers market and the opportunity recently presented itself.

“The manager, Sherry, wanted a place to sell her crystals and stones and different things, and I was looking for a space for an indoor farmers market because I thought Buckhannon should have something like this for years,” Thacker said. . “Years pass and farmers are stuck in the same situation: they always have to sit for hours, sometimes it rains, and it’s only for a few months of the year, so it’s very difficult to get a constant customer base.”

Day-to-day market operations will be handled by Managing Director Sherry Brunelle, while Thacker operates Endo Solutions on Main Street.

“I always thought it had to happen somehow, and I was lucky enough to get this building at an affordable price,” Thacker said. “Then Sherry said, ‘Great, let’s do it.’ We really needed artists and farmers, but artists always follow farmers. They plant seeds and grow artists. In winter, artists will sell stuff during Christmas and holidays, so I hope that ‘They complete each other.

The shop gathered the participation of sellers between 35 and 40 artists and about 10 farmers.

“It’s been great, way better than I imagined,” Thacker said. “It will take some time to get the word out, but there were several days where 20 or more people came, so it was even better than I initially expected.”

Brunelle said she set out to find local artists who were producing work that no one else was selling.

“I’ve met a lot of vendors at different events over the five or six years that I’ve been to festivals and things like that, so I grabbed some business cards or took a particular interest because I knew I was going to do it one day,” she said. “I have quite a large network of vendors. The ones I didn’t know, some of them contacted me through the Facebook page. I posted looking for unique arts and crafts vendors and different from others.

She hopes the boutique will become a regular place to shop for products and purchase unique, quality gifts.

“I would love for it to be a community market where people can come and pick up not just their grocery needs, but maybe some of their gift needs for birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday,” Brunelle said. “I know we’ll have special Valentine’s Day related items like chocolate covered strawberries, Strawberry Festival items and we have big plans for October.”

In addition to produce and baked goods, they plan to start selling eggs and meat by the end of the week.

“I got a lot of compliments and people telling us they needed a store like ours in this part of town,” Brunelle said. “I think it’s been wonderful, and it’s only going to get busier from now on with more vendors coming in. We’ll have meat soon and we already have eggs and honey.”

Jane Scott, owner of Grandma’s Temptations, recently joined the shop after selling protected goods at the Lewis County Fair for eight years.

“It’s part of me, it’s what I do,” Scott said. “I’m known for my fancy pies and cookies. I have the original recipe from Frank’s Bakery, and Frank’s was famous here and in Weston. He retired years ago, but he took me to his kitchen and taught me how to bake his cookies, and I bake them the same way he does. I have another line of cookies that I change all the time, and I also make a lot of loaves of bread. Today’s special was strawberry-banana.

Items available at the store can be found on their Facebook page and contact details for individual sellers can be found in the store.

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