Oatmeal brands, ranked from worst to best

Mush Ready to Eat Oatmeal is the cool kids breakfast. It has slick branding and unique flavors. But does that alone make it the perfect oatmeal?

Mush makes easily consumable oatmeal that comes in desserts like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and some berry flavors. There is no need to add water or heat any of them. Think of Mush as overnight oats served at room temperature or colder. The cups are plant-based, high in protein, full of fiber, and free of dairy, preservatives, gluten, and artificial ingredients. Mush cold-soaks its grains, which Health Digest says will help you absorb many of the minerals naturally found in oats. That’s not the only nutritious aspect of Mush. The company uses fewer than eight ingredients per flavor.

This all sounds promising, but what does Mush taste like? Spy tried the oats and noted that some flavors were hit or miss. Strawberry, for example, was classic but disappointing. At $5 a cup, Mush is more expensive than any other oatmeal on our list. So while it’s not something that will wow your taste buds or help you save money, the value of this oatmeal is that it’s suitable for those who want something quick. and healthy on the go.

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