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ShineWater, the first and only ready-to-drink hydrating beverage with 100% of the recommended daily vitamin D in a single bottle, today announces the introduction of all-new ShineWater pouches. Each ShineWater pouch delivers vitamin D and bright, fruity flavor fusions in a new kid-friendly format.

ShineWater sachets are carefully formulated to include essential nutrients and ingredients in significant amounts with 0g added sugar, 5mg sodium, 1g carbohydrates, 35% vitamin D, 45% vitamin B12, 15% zinc , 23 mg calcium, 8% folate, and 15% magnesium, based on the recommended daily values, per 6 fl. oz. poached. Where ShineWater prioritizes vitamins and minerals without compromising taste, competing juice brands offer little to no nutritional value and add large amounts of sugar. Available in two fan-favorite flavors from the original ShineWater bottles, Strawberry Lemon and Mixed Berry Acai are Sunshine in a Pouch with bold, radiant flavor.

Founded by a former FDA doctor, ShineWater was developed as a remedy to combat the national problem of vitamin D deficiency, which currently affects more than 40% of the American population. Vitamin D, known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is synthesized in the body when exposed to direct sunlight and is also found naturally in very few foods including egg yolks, fatty fish, liver, mushrooms and fortified cereals, which have declined in popularity in American diets. ShineWater delivers powerful hydration without compromise, as the only ready-to-drink hydration drink on the market that contains 100% of your daily vitamin D in just one bottle, plus valuable electrolytes, antioxidants and minerals. Factors such as increased use of sunscreens, changes in diet, and geographic location have led to an increased need for Americans to supplement their vitamin D intake. With a lack of readily available and specially nutrient-enriched beverages designed for kids, ShineWater saw the opportunity to bring its powerful hydration formula to a younger audience in need of supplements and to revolutionize the grocery store juice aisle.

“ShineWater solves the global health and wellness problem of vitamin D deficiency while reimagining what a hydrating drink should be – without compromise,” said Larry Long, COO of ShineWater. “Our mission has now evolved to bring healthier beverage options to grocery store aisles, tailor-made for consumers of all ages. As the only nutrient-enriched water available in a pocket size that’s ideal for children’s little hands, ShineWater Pockets offer nutritional benefits that no traditional juice box can. As a father of two young children, I’m proud to announce our new offerings that allow the younger segment of our population to enjoy ShineWater in new ways, every day.

“Vitamin D plays an essential role in the development of healthy bones, supports a healthy immune system, and contributes to cardiovascular health,” said Cardiovascular Surgeon and ShineWater Medical Advisor Dr. Allan Stewart, MD. “By prioritizing healthy eating and drinking habits from an early age and educating children about the different essential nutrients, parents are helping their children lay the foundation for healthy adult life. If parents are looking for a drink they can feel good about giving their kids, ShineWater packets are a win – they’re vitamin-infused water with no processed sugar, unlike many other juices, sodas or energy drinks. available which are essentially pure sugar.

ShineWater Strawberry Lemon and Mixed Berry Acai pouches are available now from Meijer with other retailers coming soon.

About ShineWater

ShineWater was able to reinvent what a hydrating drink should be, without any compromise. They’ve created premium beverages that support optimal health using the power of natural ingredients, zero sugar, and vitamin D – the ultimate hydration powerhouse. ShineWater provides the vitamins, electrolytes and minerals you need without added sugar or artificial ingredients. Each nutrient is carefully chosen based on science and delivered in significant amounts. As a mission-driven organization, a portion of all ShineWater sales are donated to OneWorld Health to help address nutrient deficiencies in families in East Africa and South America.

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