Strawberry sales are doing better in supermarkets and internationally

Recently, the demand for strawberries has decreased, but the slowdown, fortunately, has not been the same in all sales channels. “If in the Italian retail markets orders are low, in retail things seem to be going better, despite the fact that the circumstances are not exactly positive, due to the greater propensity to save , generated above all by the war in Ukraine and the increase in the prices of all products, food and non-food,” said Maria Faillace of OP Zuccarella from Metapontino.

Maria Faillace (quality control manager)

“Orders for the 10 brands we have supplied have been almost constant over this last period, compared to even double-digit declines in many markets in North-Central Italy. However, the most great satisfaction in terms of the volumes requested come from foreign countries, where these days we are witnessing an increase in requests, especially from Germany, France and the Netherlands”.

OP Zuccarella processing lines

“Every day, we ship a total of around 80 pallets of strawberries, of which more than 60% are traded in the aforementioned European countries, both in general markets and in large retail chains. With regard to processing, we offer different packaging identifiable by their weight and the material used: for example, supermarkets are supplied with plastic or cardboard trays of 250, 300 g (single layer), 400, 500 g (single layer) and 1 kg, while the markets are supplied with 500 g cardboard or wood pulp trays”.

“Spring just doesn’t seem to be coming this year. The current temperatures do not yet allow rapid coloring of the fruits and therefore an increase in the number of harvests, but given the current uncertain trade trend, it is perhaps Price increases are felt, while quotations are lower than in 2021. We ask customers and all operators to understand our difficulties and avoid asking for further reductions.

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