Top 5 Most Popular Cafes in Tampa, Florida | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


Tampa is a great place to visit for excitement and relaxation. You can enjoy thrill rides and animal encounters one day and stroll through Ybor Old Town the next. There’s nothing quite like a nice sizzling hot cup of coffee, but if you’re looking for a unique brew or flavor to complete the experience, Tampa has you covered.

5. The lab cafe

The Lab’s ethos is reflected in their name: all of their coffee products are constantly changing to bring a fresh perspective to the Tampa Bay area. They invite you to talk to their baristas about how to make your everyday drink or try new things to deepen your coffee knowledge and experience. They’d love to see you, whether you want a smooth, creamy cold brew or one of their constantly rotating espressos.

4. Zeal Coffee Roasters

Zeal started in a garage with a makeshift coffee roaster built from a popcorn popper that, within months, transformed into a well-designed coffee roasting machine. It was a desire to improve his cup and learn everything there is to know about coffee. With aromas of red grapes, strawberry jam and Meyer lemon, their organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is one of the best on the menu.

3. Ginger Beard Coffee

They’re just bearded men with a passion for good coffee at Ginger Beard Coffee, and they create welcoming places for customers to enjoy good company while getting a caffeine boost. Dr. Congo, a specialty coffee, is one of the best they have, and this uncommon breed blew them away. They’re also excited for you to try.

2. Coffee Buddy Brew – Kennedy

Buddy Brew Coffee – Kennedy’s passion for coffee, people and the pursuit of excellence is as strong as his desire to have a positive impact on the world. The Double Dog espresso is strong, with a flavor of roasted nuts and dark chocolate and an acidity of candied lemon. You have to try it if you pass.

1. The Blind Tiger Cafe – SOHO – Cafe

The Blind Tiger Cafe – SOHO – Coffee Shop started in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, a small historic cigar town. The founders wanted to reintroduce great roasted coffee flavors to a city known for its historical significance. The Dirty Thai-ger is a Blind Tiger original: an ice-cold blend of espresso, Thai tea and sweetened condensed milk topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, it’s the perfect refreshment for any occasion.

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