3 places offering delicacies to cool off a hot summer



Healthy desserts have been all the rage for some time. With dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, and no added sugar options, there’s something for everyone. To compete with all the products available on the market, a neighbor in Lakewood had to get creative.

Snowbaby’s story began when founder Chrissy Kuo tried Taiwanese shaved ice. She found it delicious and noticed that the few stores that carried it in Dallas sold treats to the Asian community. While doing research, she discovered that crushed ice contains high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors.

“I’m a ’90s kid. I totally agree with the junk food in our food,†says Kuo. “But every time I started having kids, I realized, hey, you know, not everything in our food is very good for us.”

There had to be a better, healthier option.

Kuo spent a year developing the vanilla flavor. She had to test recipes and make sure the texture and consistency were just right – creamy, refreshing, and satisfying. While working full time and raising children, she tested her creations at carnivals and other events to see if the treats appealed to other demographic groups. They did it.

“I started to be followed and I was encouraged,†she says. “I’m like, OK, this is something different, and it benefits everyone because it’s actually as healthy as you say it is.”

Kuo opened his business in the Lakewood Mall and called it Snowbaby.

“Imagine if a snow cone and an ice cream had a baby,†she said. “It would be a snow baby.”

Families are the store’s main customers, but Kuo also hopes to expand its restaurant business. She bought a used snow trailer on Facebook, but it was stolen just before spring break. It has just received a small food truck to replace it.

Customers can choose from a pre-designed creation or create their own treat. The most popular creation is the birthday cake, which features vanilla snow, sweet milk, fresh strawberries, and colorful natural rainbow nuggets of fruit and vegetable juice. Her favorite order is coconut snow with bites of unrefined bakery vanilla cake, flaked almonds and sweet milk.

Snowbaby offers seasonal flavors for the summer: pineapple, lemonade, lime and horchata.

“Our mission is to provide healthier treats to nourish your inner gourmet,†says Kuo. “And to create memories.”

Snowbaby, 6404 avenue Gaston


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