A brand new Halloween experience is coming to the Massive California theme park

Credit: @knottsscaryfarm on Twitter

A whole new Halloween experience is coming to this massive California theme park, and we can’t wait to enjoy it!

A new interactive vampire maze is the latest addition to Knott’sKnott’s Scary Farm, the highly anticipated Halloween event at Knott’s Berry Farm. The Southern California theme park recently announced this terrifying new addition with a video showcasing the vampires guests will have to face as they journey through the maze.

Knott's Spooky Farm Lineage 1842 Logo
Credit: Screenshot via Knott’s Berry Farm on YouTube

You can watch the video below or click here to see it.

Blood and blessings! In Knott’s ALL-NEW Spooky Farm maze, Bloodline 1842, you’ll be armed with the latest Bellatorian weapons. Answer the call to action as you embark on a perilous journey with the immortal Daybreakers as you roam the bustling streets of the city of Valdonia while hunting the bloodthirsty Valhymphri in all-out war! Bring light into the darkness and survive the vicious onslaught of vampires and honor your command!

In addition to Bloodline 1842, guests will be able to explore seven throwback mazes, as the park shared on Knott’s Scary Farm Twitter account (@knottsscaryfarm).

Be careful. Curiosity can be dangerous. Are you brave enough to explore the horrors that await you in these thorny labyrinths?
pumpkin eater
Origins: The Curse of Calico
A dark journey
Dark entities
Mesmer: Spirit Show
Wax works

And if those jaw-dropping experiences still aren’t enough, guests brave enough can experience the thrills of five terrifying scary zones and four jaw-dropping shows.

We unpack your fear! There’s nowhere to hide as darkness creeps in and the whole park transforms as you explore our terrifying spooky zones:

the hollow
The 20s Gore
abandoned lake
Ghost town streets

Escape the streets with this range of jaw-dropping shows and experiences that will leave you screaming:

Carnival of the Grotesque
Summoners: black magic
Puppet! Uncensored
In the fog: an art exhibition in homage to a spooky farm

Knott’s Spooky Farm returns to haunt the Orange County Park on select dates from September 22 through October 31. Tickets go on sale August 15.

Learn about Knott’s Spooky Farm

The Official Knott’s Berry Farm The website describes the park’s Halloween event as follows:

Knott’s Scary Farm is Southern California’s largest and most haunting Halloween event, with unimaginable scares and innovative thrills found nowhere else.

Knott's Spooky Farm Skeleton Decorations
Credit: @knottsscaryfarm on Twitter

The fully transformed theme park features unique haunted mazes and rides, spooky shows, and over 1,000 terrifying creatures that lurk in the fog and lurk in every corner of the park.

These haunted attractions have the ingredients of a true terrifying nightmare. But unlike most dreams, Knott’s Spooky Farm is a nightmare you can’t wake up from, making it the thing to do for Halloween.

Knott’s Spooky Farm is not recommended for children under 13. All guests, regardless of age, must have their own paid admission ticket.

Learn more about Knott’s Berry Farm

When visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, guests can experience the thrill of rides such as GhostRider, HangTime, Jaguar!, La Revolucion, Montezooma’s Revenge, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder, Silver Bullet, Sol Spin, Supreme Scream, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Xcelerator The Ride, and the Calico River Rapids have to offer.

Knott's Berry Farm Camp Snoopy
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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And if guests are visiting with young children or aren’t thrill seekers, they can also have a great day at the park, as they can interact with the Peanuts Gang at Camp Snoopy or ride some of the more family-friendly attractions. Some examples of these are Balloon Race, Calico Mine Ride, Calico Railroad, Camp Bus, Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer, Dragon Swing, Flying Ace, Grand Sierra Railroad, Hat Dance, High Sierra Ferris Wheel, Huff and Puff, Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Back to the Fair, Linus Launcher, Merry Go Round, Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies, and Woodstock’s Airmail.

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