A car crashes in the outside area of ​​the busy Big White Ziggy’s

It’s the busiest place in town during the summer months, even more so when the temperatures are as high as they were last week. Saturday evening, an incident occurred that could have turned into a tragedy.

Every night, the outdoor seating area of ​​Ziggy’s Ice Cream in downtown Grand Blanc is packed with families and ice cream lovers of all ages. Saturday night was no different with the outdoor picnic tables filled with several people enjoying their treats. Then the unthinkable happened.

According to witnesses, a car accident resulted in a car racing onto the sidewalk of S. Saginaw Street and crashing into the tables where guests were seated. A boss told us,

“The driver of the vehicle that hit Ziggy’s was traveling at high speed and had a head-on collision with a Jeep that was turning towards Ziggy’s and then swerved towards the picnic tables.”

Fortunately, there were no injuries, although it was reported that a woman fell after fainting but was fine after being treated. Those at Ziggy’s at the time commented on the quick-wittedness of the ice cream stand staff and first responders. Ziggy’s posted on their Facebook page in response to the incident saying:

“We had a lot of people calling and asking about the crash that happened outside Ziggy’s. Emergency personnel responded quickly and everyone here is safe.”

Speeding on S. Saginaw Street has always been an issue and luckily this situation ended well when it could have been a major tragedy.

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