Around town – September 21



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• September 21

Orchids in …

• Arlen Herndon and Columbus General Baptist Church for dinners.

• the Top Dog car wash employee, working alone, for doing an outstanding job pre-cleaning my car. All the bugs are gone!

• the woman and teenager who stopped to help me get up and get me home after I fell on Franklin Street.

• the speech of the former president at the memorial ceremony for Flight 93, showing what a real president should be.

• Duke Energy for replacing the transformer in the pouring rain on Monday, and restoring electricity to the neighborhood.

• the lady who paid for my breakfast on Sunday morning through McDonald’s, much appreciated.

• Columbus Pickleball Club for their commitment to hosting another fantastic tournament, very well done.

• Pastor Teike for his sermon on We Are the Salt of the Earth, reminding us that we must make wise choices.

• Susan Fields for the fabulous photo of the Red-tailed Hawk.

• Bud Herron for his column on strawberry picking.

• Afghan refugees who helped our soldiers.

• the bill on the infrastructures of the political party.

Onions …

• Do not get rid of street beggars who deliberately sit one block away from obvious signs of “recruiting†and people who give them money.

• the former president who canceled the 9/11 memorial service to co-host a pay-per-view boxing match. Shameful.

• the extreme crisis at the border allowing 200,000 migrants per month to enter our country.

• Urban designers use the term “traffic calming devices†instead of “more specific obstacles to impede, slow down or stop trafficâ€.

• the city to calm traffic on Taylor Road for two years.

• to the general who had neither permission nor authority to act as he did.

• The leaders carried out a “we’ll make you pay†drone attack killing 10 civilians, including seven children, but no ISIS terrorists.

• negotiate on Taliban terms to get the Americans out, unaware of the ransom paid by taxpayers’ money, as well as abandoned military equipment.

• the elected federal representative for not having signed and implemented the bill on infrastructure.

• those who try to keep the military installation clean, it’s dirty!

• the association sends envelopes to employees to donate and expect donations when they have bills to pay, which is why they work.

• people who believe they are using intimidation and reprisals have made the former elected federal member a formidable leader.

• politicians claiming to care about the size of deficits.

• yet another unmasked festival, so don’t blame the numbers on the unvaccinated.

• the coach with big speeches but very small acts.

• all those selective unmasked festivals and large gatherings, yet my child must be suffering with a mask.

• the squirrels that continue to cause blackouts in our neighborhood.

• school administrators who fear exposing a predator.

• civil servants circumventing their responsibilities by paying consultants to do their work.

• concert guests refusing to wear masks despite the requirement published by the orchestra.

• the person or persons responsible for the cleanliness of the military camp.

• the weekend festival at the park.

• the elected federal official who stopped working for the United States

• hypocritical politicians who demonize “the rich†but attend galas at $ 30,000 a plate or own multi-million dollar homes.

• the city continues to find creative ways to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

• the auto maintenance department, which took a week to repair a small repair.

• the political party trying to cover up the attack on the Capitol police.

Happy birthday to …

• Sue Tempête.

• Shannon Thomas, of Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Sonny Stahl, family and friends.

• Sue Eckrote at n ° 80, I love the Martoccia family.

• Sonny Stahl, family and friends.

Happy birthday to …

• Cindy Taskey, girls from the garrison.


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