Bebeto aims to boost Halloween sales with Spooky Mix

These treats are a limited seasonal addition to the successful Bebeto Gummies 150g share bag range which includes: Sparkling Watermelon, Big Fizzy Mix, Strawberry and Big Mix (seen on TV last year).

Bebeto Spooky Mix is ​​free from artificial colors and flavors, Vegetarian Society Approved Vegan and Halal Certified.

Each pack of spooky-shaped gummies contains four flavors; blackcurrant, apple, orange and strawberry. Bebeto Spooky Mix is ​​available now, RRP £1, from Asda and CJ Lang (select Spar stores).

To ensure the Bebeto brand continues to provide its dedicated fans with a full selection of mouth-watering treats for tricksters this Halloween, Kervan Gida UK is also introducing the Bebeto Trick or Treat Party Box., new for 2022. Each party box weighs 825g and contains 55 mini 15g sachets of spooky mix. Packaged in a convenient gravity-fed color SRP, this packaging format is designed for consumers who want a hygienic option to dispense to tricksters or caterers who come knocking on their door.

Each 15g mini bag features its own unique barcode, making it a Halloween themed convenience store line. The Bebeto Trick or Treat Party Box is available now, RRP £5, from James Hall (select Spar stores), QD Stores and Valli Forecourts.

This year also sees the return of Bebeto’s popular Halloween-themed 150g vegan sharing bags., which include Bebeto Monster Spaghetti, Bebeto Fizzy Fangs and Bebeto Gummy Brains, which were sold exclusively at Asda in 2021.

Bebeto Vegan Halloween-themed Fizzy Fangs and Gummy Brains share bags are available, RRP £1, from Asda, CJ Lang (select Spar stores) and QD. Bebeto 750g Trick & Mix is ​​also back for Halloween 2022, listed at CJ Lang (select Spar stores), QD Stores and Valli Forecourts.

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