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I never liked candy corn and now I have proof to say: “I told you!”

They are mean. I’m not wrong.

According NJ.comthere is a recall for sweet corn because infected lots may contain an undeclared allergen.

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Usually, candy corn does not contain eggs.

Infected packages – which I will give you the details of in a moment – contains undeclared eggs.

This means that if someone with an egg allergy unknowingly eats one of the infected packets, it could lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Scary, right?

According NJ.comthe recall affects 15-ounce packages, “with UPC code 018586001144 and an expiration date of March 8, 2023.”

If you have a defective batch, take it back to where you bought it and call Arcade Snacks, the company that makes the sweet corn, at 1 (508) 832-6300.

Here’s the thing. These defective products may were sent to New Jersey.

Arcade Snacks is based in Massachusetts and that seems to be where the majority of these faulty candies were sent.

According NJ.comthe defective candy beans were sent to the following locations:

  • Johnson Roadside Farm Market in Swansea, Massachusetts
  • Donelan Supermarkets in Massachusetts
  • Fieldstone Farmers Market in Marion, Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Foodies
  • Bargain Market in Falmouth, Massachusetts
  • Highland Park Market in Glastonbury, Connecticut

New Jersey is not on the list, but a massive amount of candy corn is consumed each Halloween season. (Uh)

I have the impression that this alert is widely disseminated out of caution.

Chances are slim, but imagine they said nothing and some of those bundles ended up in stores in New Jersey!?


You’re probably better off throwing out your candy corn anyway!

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