Forget the eggnog. Chobani is launching Vegan Oat Nog for the holidays.



Food and drink brand Chobani, best known for its Greek-style dairy yogurt, is launching vegan Oat Nog in time for the holiday season. With this new drink in limited quantities, Chobani aims to offer a dairy-free version of eggnog, traditionally made from eggs and dairy products. Its Oat Nog is made from whole grain oats and is available in 32-ounce tetra packs.

“We are really excited to offer a plant-based option of this favorite iconic drink,†Chobani President and COO Peter McGuinness told VegNews. “The Chobani Oat Nog is creamy, delicious and full of holiday flavor. Buyers can find it on the shelves now.

Chobani’s Oat Nog is available through mid-December at retailers nationwide, including chains such as Publix, Kroger, Wegmans, and Hy-Vee. The new offering joins a range of the brand’s seasonal limited-batch products, including vegan options such as Pumpkin Spice Oat Coffee Cream and Peppermint Mocha Oat Coffee Cream.

Chobani goes beyond yogurt

Chobani started in 2005 as a startup that produced dairy yogurt, but in 2019 the company expanded into plant-based products with the unveiling of a series of innovations in four new categories: oats, herbal coffee creams, cold ready-to-drink brew coffee and herbal probiotic drinks. Chobani has also entered the vegan yogurt space with the launch of a line based on coconut cream. Enriched with probiotics, the dairy-free Chobani range included individual cups of plant-based yogurt with flavors of blueberry, peach, slightly sweetened plain, strawberry and vanilla, as well as the mango yogurt drink, slightly sweetened plain, strawberry and vanilla Chai varieties.

Chobani continued to explore non-dairy bases for product development and in November 2019 the brand unveiled its The World of Chobani Oat platform to build on its existing vegan options. As part of the new line of oats focused on sustainability, Chobani has launched a wide variety of vegan yogurts with flavors such as strawberry vanilla, blueberry pomegranate and tangerine peach, as well as yogurts with crunchy toppings and yogurt drinks. . Chobani also created barista oat milk and sugar-free oat milk.


In 2020, Chobani explored the coffee category further with the launch of two oatmeal creams with original and vanilla flavors, and in 2021, the Greek yogurt brand launched a ready-to-drink coffee drink with milk from it. oats.

Recently, the brand has focused more on its sustainability efforts, including repackaging its vegan yogurts made from oat milk, its carton of oat milk, its cold brew coffee and its creams in paper cups instead of plastic. The yogurt pots are Chobani’s latest effort and are made from 80 percent cardboard, replacing most of the plastic on its oatmeal yogurt wrappers, except for a thin plastic liner that preserves the integrity of the yogurt.


Vegan nog for the holidays

Chobani joins a growing number of vegan milk brands offering seasonal nogs for plant-based parties such as coconut, almonds, soy, cashews and oats. Among its vegan holiday product offerings, supermarket chain Trader Joe’s offers Almond Nog during the holiday season.

Popular non-dairy milk brand So Delicious also offers Holiday Nog coconut milk made with coconut milk and a hint of nutmeg; Califia Farms offers Holiday Nog Almondmilk with nutmeg, cloves and ginger; Silk offers dairy-free cow’s milk made from soy milk, nutmeg and cinnamon; and Elmhurst recently launched Oat Nog which combines whole grain oats and cashews with holiday spices for a creamy, dairy-free drink.

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