Halle Berry got rid of her Dorothy Dandridge dress because she thought it was haunted

Halle Berry once had the opportunity to represent late actor Dorothy Dandridge in a film about his life and career. To do this, Berry tried to take inspiration from one of Dorothy Dandridge’s clothes.

But the actress will later have to get rid of Dandridge’s dress after noticing strange things happening at her house.

How Halle Berry first discovered Dorothy Dandridge

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Berry had been a fan of Dorothy Dandridge since i saw her in the movie carmen jones many years ago. The film introduced a young Berry to a world she was fascinated with and an actor she could look up to.

“I had never seen an all-black movie before,” Berry said. The Washington Post on carmen jones. “I mean I had seen southern song and Uncle Remusbut never glamorous and beautiful and sophisticated.

Seeing Dandridge in this kind of setting left a lasting impression on Berry that further fueled his passion for acting.

“That’s when I said not only was I connecting with her, but I was connecting with this way of life. That could have been where my fantasy started,” she said.

Years later, Berry would produce a film about Dorothy Dandridge while starring in a film about the actor. But at one point, Berry believed that Dandridge was with her in spirit in a very literal sense.

Halle Berry got rid of her Dorothy Dandridge dress because she was convinced it was haunted

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Berry had pledged to do justice to the late actor Dandridge in the role. To help motivate her performance, the Oscar-winning actress kept one of Dandridge’s personal effects as a source of strength.

“When I was do my Dorothy Dandridge movie, I know she was with me. I had one of her quirky dresses, which I kept for inspiration in my den covered in paper and plastic to protect it,” Berry said according to contact music.

But soon Berry started noticing strange activity in her house.

“One night I was at home with a friend drinking tea and we heard all this rustling noise. At first I thought it was just water pouring out of the teapot , then I realized it was coming from the room, and the paper on the dress was rattling — all by itself! My friend and I both got our ass out so fast,” Berry recalled.

That wasn’t the only anomalous experience Berry had while holding Dandridge’s robe.

“Then other strange things happened in the house while I had this dress on. I was coming home and the housekeeper said she heard my hairdresser coming upstairs in my bathroom. And our fridge door would open by itself. I’m not kidding,” she said. “When the movie ended, I desperately wanted to keep her dress, but it had to go. And then everything was fine. »

Halle Berry dug through all the information she could find on Dorothy Dandridge

Holding Dandridge’s dress wasn’t all Berry did to prepare for her role. Oscar winner went through a period of meticulous preparation where she learned to sing and dance as Dandridge could. She also combed through Dandridge’s life, meeting as many people as possible who knew her idol personally.

“I did a lot of interviews with Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll, people who really knew her. I spent a lot of time with those people, racking their brains and trying to figure out the essence of who she was. And if I could find a common thread that they all said about him, I could use that,” Berry said on The Hollywood Interview.

Berry was also rummaging through Dandridge’s personal effects to further aid him in his performances.

“Her manager, who is still alive, let me go through everything he had of her, from personal private letters to all her clothes, her jewelry he had, her family photo album. It was about a period of six months before the shooting to find all the information possible, ”recalls Berry.

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