Here are the 10 most popular recipes from the Taste section of 2021


These 10 revenue-related stories garnered the most interest from readers in 2021.

A winning competition: Entry # 1 highlights how Star Tribune readers love to cook, because, yes, by far the most read recipe of the year is the winner of the 2021 Star Tribune Holiday Cookie contest. It’s lemon rosemary creams, from Minneapolis baker Cynthia Baxter, and it’s delicious. Find the recipe here. (Our four finalist recipes were also extremely popular: Buttery Blueberry Buttons, Diablo Snowballs, Malted Milk Ball Cookies, and Tiramisu Twists).

No more cookies! Intrepid cookie contributor and baker Kevyn Burger wrote a September story about an unknown ingredient that produces “a cookie so tender and mouthwatering it really melts on your tongue.” This ingredient (spicy)? Baker’s ammonia. The story includes recipes for “Doughys” and lemon crackers; find them here.

A gourmet DIY project: Writer Marc Silver discussed a recent reveal with Taste readers in early January. “While some pandemic bakers have tried their hand at sourdough bread, I have dived into graham crackers,†he wrote. Find graham cracker and whole wheat graham cracker recipes here.

An ode to rhubarb: In May, Kim Ode, former Star Tribune editor – and author of “Rhubarb Renassiance” delved into her love for one of the first spring arrivals, with fascinating recipes for Rhubarb Graham Muffins, Rhubarb Mostarda and Frozen Roasted. Rhubarb Meringue Pie. Find the recipes here.

A meal to remember: To kick off the grilling season, collaborator Meredith Deeds created a memorable and easy-to-prepare Memorial Day meal that included grilled butterfly chicken with smoked red chimichurri; Grilled Asparagus, Lemon and Feta Panzanella; and Chocolate and Strawberry Pavlova. Find the recipes here.

Drawn : For the people of Minnesota with maple trees in their gardens, writer Susan Dietrich Hassler gave a helpful tutorial in March on the process of making maple syrup. Find the recipe here.

Take the things over control : Lamenting Burch’s closure, editor Kerri Westenberg asked chef and co-owner Isaac Becker for advice on how to produce steakhouse-quality steak at home. For this June story, the James Beard Award winning chef has signed up. Find the recipe here.

Betty Crocker’s favorites: On the 100th birthday of Minnesota’s most popular fictional resident, writer Rick Nelson spoke to General Mills editor-in-chief Cathy Swanson Wheaton about his new cookbook, “Betty Crocker Best 100: Favorite Recipes From America’s Most Trusted Cook “. Two recipes from the book were published in the Star Tribune in September: Individual Chicken Pot Pies and Brownie Cookies. Find the recipes here.

Spice things up: In July, Lisa Golden Schroeder, Taste collaborator and self-proclaimed “condiment queen,” took to the spicy crispy chili, calling it “the condiment you don’t want to be without.” The story included recipes for Japanese-style grilled chili crispy corn ribs; Crispy Roasted Chili Tomatoes with Labneh; and caramel and coconut semifreddo with grilled pineapple and crispy chili. Find them here.

A head above: Finally, in an August iteration of her weekly “Seasonal Cooking†column, collaborator Beth Dooley touted the (many) benefits of roasting locally grown garlic, ending with this easy-to-follow recipe.


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