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Popsicles are the ultimate in edible luxury during the summer months, and what’s even better is that they can be plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, and even healthy. Popsicles were said to have been invented in 1905 when 11-year-old Frank Epperson accidentally left a container of soda and powdered water, with a mixing stick inside, on his San Francisco porch overnight. All it took was a surprisingly cold night for the Popsicle to be born – which Epperson would make his commercial debut as an Epsicle in 1923. Epperson’s children finally convinced him to drop off. a patent for the frozen treat under the name popsicle.

Over 2 billion popsicles are currently sold each year. Here are the main trends for this summer.

Popsicles Back to Earth

A GlobalData survey conducted in December 2020 found that more and more global consumers are influenced by a brand’s degree of ethics, social responsibility and environmental friendliness.

Some eco-friendly brands in the popsicle space include Noto, GoodPop, and Chloe’s.

Noto’s vegan and low-calorie popsicles are made with 40% unsweetened fresh fruit, stevia, erythritol, vitamin C and prebiotic fiber. They have no added coloring or sugar. GoodPop organic popsicles are made with 100% organic juice with no added sugar in flavors such as Dreamy Orange Push Pops, Coldbrew Latte and Strawberry Shortcake. Chloe’s Oatmilk Pops come in three varieties, with cookies and cream being the most popular, allowing consumers to ditch dairy and reduce their dietary carbon footprint.

GoodPop went 100% plant-based last year and rebranded its packaging to draw attention to its mission: “Pledge Good. Do good. Feel good.”

“GoodPop has redefined the frozen novelty category with delicious and unique flavors, healthier products and high sourcing standards, while using frozen treats as a vehicle to do good for society and the environment. ”Said Rahul Shah, COO of GoodPop in a recent interview with Food Business News. “With herbal novelties being the fastest growing segment in the ice cream category and with booming online ice cream sales, people are shopping and discovering products in new ways. “

Designer popsicles

These aren’t the popsicles at your gas station or mass grocery store. Nope. Think completely out of the box.

Stoyn, a Russian advertising agency known for its line of popsicles based on iconic characters such as Marilyn Monroe and Darth Vader, celebrated its tenth anniversary this year by launching a line of sherbet popsicles that look like real fruit on a stick, with flavors such as pineapple, mango, raspberry, apple and banana; all with nutritional properties.

Locopops in Durham, North Carolina is a chic cafe that offers a variety of flavors for animals and humans. Pup Pops come with frozen beef and chicken broth and for owners there are special flavors such as Raspberry Hibiscus, Mexican Chocolate, and Mighty Mojito.

Popsicles with side benefits

Many of today’s popsicles provide functional ingredients that deliver flavor with an added touch of well-being.

Yasso Inc. launched its first brand of incubator, Jüve Pops, a functional water-based ice cream infused with vitamins and electrolytes.

Collagen has also become a popular ingredient in many snacks, including popsicles. Collagen-infused snacks and drinks hit sales of $ 60 million in the United States in 2018 (Business Insider) and debuted at InStyle Summer Social in July 2019 in New York City.

There are also popsicles that can help improve your mood. The Enlightened line of fruit infused popsicles include herbs and mood-enhancing adaptogens, including green tea extract, sage and lemon balm. Flavors include Coco + Immunity, Strawberry + Chill, Pineapple + Renew, Watermelon + Soothe, and Mango + Boost and are all vegan, gluten-free, and made entirely with real fruit.

Alcoholic popsicles

If you’re the DUI type, there are a variety of recipes online for alcohol-based frozen treats, including Strawberry Mojito popsicles, Miami Vice Boozy Popsicles (a combination of a strawberry daiquiri and a pina colada. ), Snap Spice Coconut Popsicles, and Raspberry Mint Luscious Boozy Popsicles. According to experts, the trick to alcoholic popsicles is the juice / alcohol ratio: 4 ounces to 1 ounce.

Your favorite restaurant may have started serving popsicles in popsicle alcoholic drinks as well. At Mezcalina Restaurant & Bar in Mexico, patrons can order an Oaxacan cocktail, made with orange juice and mezcal (a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave) with a chamoy popsicle (made from a variety of sauces and salted condiments made from pickled fruits) deposited in.

Buzz Pops are the chic solution to go if you are looking for ready-made frozen sorbets that are vegan with no additives or preservatives. Made with all-natural ingredients and flavors like chocolate raspberry and blueberry mania, and infused with rum, bourbon or tequila, Buzz Pops contain 100 calories with 15% alcohol in alcohol.

Another ‘healthier’ option with 15% BAC and 80 calories made from organic alcohol and flavored with Mango Rum Punch, Vodka Lemonade, Martini with watermelon and classic mojito.

Popsicles with unexpected flavors

Have you ever thought about salty or even spicy popsicles? How about flavors such as cardamom, cilantro and ginger? Most of the hottest flavors in popsicles come in the more unexpected flavors.

If you have a weakness for salt and pickle flavor, Van-Holten’s Pickle Popsicles are perfect for you. The frozen snack contains two ounces of healthy pickle juice and superfood. That’s it, just frozen pickle juice!

Outshine Mango Tajin flavored popsicles (made with chili peppers, crystallized lime and salt) also received rave reviews and the company even provided their loyal fans with a recipe for turning ice cream into a drink. . Simply throw Outshine Mango with Tajin Bars and Lime Juice in a blender on high power and pour in ¼ cup of cold water. Moisten the edge of a chamoy glass and twist the edge of the Tajin glass to coat. Shake the inside of the glass with chamoy skin and leave ½ tablespoon at the bottom. Pour the mixed mixture into a glass and garnish with a bar of fresh mango with Tajin and a tamarind candy straw.

PoPaletas restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana offers its own take on spiced mango ice pops, as well as salted and mixed ice cream bars that combine salty and sweet into a homemade ice cream and ice cream bar. .

If there’s one word to sum up the summer trends in popsicles, it’s authentic.

I wonder what Frank Epperson would say.


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