I got it – you want it! FlowStar Double Nose Hood

“Sweet air”, another name for nitrous oxide, just got a little softer! The new Air Techniques FlowStar double nose hoods for adults and pediatrics are available in four adult scents: Blueberry Dance, Chilla Vanilla, Strawberry Delight and Ghost (unscented). Pediatric patients can choose from the same four flavors plus an additional flavor called Bouncy Bubble.

More “I got it – you want it!” :

As a longtime proponent of nitrous oxide sedation, I quickly understood the attributes of this very useful and necessary product. The soft inner hood is designed for a comfortable, leak-proof seal, while the outer hood minimizes excessive nitrous oxide leakage into the treatment room. Single-use and multi-use autoclavable hoods are latex-free and compatible with other dual-tube scanning circuits you may already have in place. I have used them as a practitioner and as a patient and find them quite comfortable for patients. The benefit to the dentist is their low profile, which allows the hood to sit closer to the patient’s face to avoid obstructing the clinician’s view of the oral cavity. These dual nasal hoods offer a patented exhalation valve for optimal evacuation when combined with a vacuum control system, to protect those treating the patient using nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation. FlowStar Double Nose Hoods are of great value for both patient comfort and staff safety and contribute greatly to patient comfort while receiving treatment.

Editor’s note: This article appeared in the August 2022 print edition of Dental economy magazine. Dentists in North America can take advantage of a free print subscription. Register here.

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