Katie Holmes Has A Strawberry Mani/Pedi Combo And It’s So Smooth

Katie Holmes has created a compelling case for strawberry nail polish, wearing it on her fingers AND toes.

A pedicure is a summertime necessity – I mean, it’s the only season when our feet are really exposed. So that our pedicure does not conflict with our manicure, it makes perfect sense to coordinate the two.

However, choosing a color is not really an easy decision. Especially not if it is a shellac or gel treatment, which can last several weeks. While it is not a to have to To wear the same nail polish color on fingernails and toenails, Katie Holmes showed that a consistent color choice can deliver a summer-ready nail polish trend.

While opening a store in Connecticut, she wore strawberry red on her fingernails and toenails. Combined with a white shirt dress, the soft red nail polish was particularly striking. She combined strappy sandals with her look, which also showed off her gorgeous pedicure.

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This particular shade of red with a light, warm undertone flatters a tanned summer complexion. However, since red is not too yellowish, it is also very suitable for fair skin. Light strawberry red does not look too bright and is suitable for all occasions (win-win).

In addition, the manicure and pedicure combination is sober but harmonious. It will look especially natural if you do like Katie Holmes and combine strawberry polish with monochrome basics. In any case, we are convinced!

This article was originally published by Glamor Germany.

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