Liberty London unveils Christmas baskets for 2021, prices start from £ 99



With five great suitcase designs to choose from or go all out and treat yourself or someone to the Christopher Wicker Basket, priced at £ 295

Liberty has released its Christmas baskets for 2021 – with five suitcase designs to choose from and a wicker basket too

Now, even though we love summer and already miss the gorgeous long sunny evenings (when it happened), we couldn’t be more excited to see the return of our cozy knits that fall brings. And with less than 95 days to Christmas – we are also very excited for that.

Liberty London just unveiled their beautiful Christmas baskets for this year – and they have everything you could imagine and more.

It’s time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a good spread with one of Liberty’s festive baskets.

There are a few delicious designs to choose from and range from wicker baskets to five souvenir suitcases, full of Christmas drinks, artisanal British goods and sweet treats – so there really is something for everyone.

How delicious is this Christopher wicker basket from Liberty? Priced at £ 225, this would be the ultimate Christmas gift

The best part? They’re available in store and online now – so savvy shoppers can anticipate their purchases this year with the help of Liberty London.

To find exactly where the Liberty store is, we’ve displayed the locator here for convenience – if you’re in town at some point over the weekend or the next few months. There you will also find information on opening and closing times – to avoid disappointment.

We’ve now listed the details of what you can expect from each of the baskets below – and let’s see exactly what you or the recipient would expect.

Christmas suitcase basket – € 99

The Mitsi suitcase basket, £ 99


Liberty London)

Dressed in the iconic Mitsi Valeria floral, this exclusive suitcase basket is the realization of an unforgettable festive feast.

From award-winning chocolate truffles to fresh and fruity Boxing Day chutney, it’s filled with a curated selection of indulgent Christmas treats.

Perfect with wooden slats, nickel accents and a convenient carrying handle, gift this Christmas basket to another foodie, or keep it for yourself and enjoy the benefits long after the fun is gone.

Tudor Belle suitcase basket – € 109

Tudor Belle suitcase basket, £ 99

Love letter to the iconic Liberty London flagship store, this exclusive suitcase basket is dressed in Liberty Fabrics’ Tudor Belle print and perfected with wood slats, nickel accents and a convenient carrying handle.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a happy banquet, brimming with a range of regional delicacies, including jam mixed in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, to buttery shortbread disks, concocted by a family business in Castle Douglas, in Scotland.

Lee Manor Suitcase Basket – € 109

Lee Manor suitcase basket, £ 99

Dressed in the timeless Lee Manor paisley pattern, this exclusive suitcase basket is packed with a careful selection of handcrafted products, specially selected for their quality and taste.

From warm sloe gin and aromatic Earl Gray to irresistibly smooth milk chocolate, each mouthwatering treat will make any festive-inspired celebration easy.

Perfected with wooden slats, nickel accents and a convenient carrying handle, gift this keepsake basket to another foodie, or keep it for yourself and enjoy the benefits long after the goodies are gone.

Strawberry Thief Heritage Luggage Basket – € 110

Strawberry Thief Heritage Luggage Basket, £ 110

As iconic as the store it’s in, the Heritage Luggage Basket is ablaze with our Eternal Strawberry Thief print, celebrating influential designs and Liberty’s modern status as a home of food gifts.

Packed with our collection of best-selling foods, including buttery shortbread, creamy chocolate truffles and aromatic tea, this keepsake suitcase is the perfect accompaniment to a happy banquet.

Large Ciara suitcase basket – 225 €

Large Ciara suitcase basket, £ 225

A new addition for 2021, the Ciara Basket is an indulgent celebration of the British artisan, with everything from oak aged chocolate and spiced rum to coffee to sweet strawberry jam.

Carefully packaged in a large, fabric-wrapped suitcase and packed with the tastiest festive treats from our Liberty Food Hall, this keepsake basket will become an iconic travel staple long after the contents have been devoured.

Christopher Wicker Basket – £ 295

Christopher wicker basket, £ 295


Liberty London)

Crafted from woven wicker and perfected with polished brown leather buckles and a convenient carrying handle, this online exclusive basket is lined with Liberty’s inimitable Tana Lawn cotton, baring Liberty Fabrics’ Christopher print. .

Filled with Christmas drinks and artisanal flair, from sloe gin and award-winning English sparkling wine to butter cookies and large piccalilli, this decadent basket is the preparation for an unforgettable festive feast.

Are you going to treat a loved one to one of these Liberty London baskets this year? Or maybe keep one for yourself? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments box below.

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