Marble Games at the Saturday Farmer’s Market

Marbles anyone? Marble games? Who remembers when marbles ruled the playground? Each child had their bag of marbles, including the “shooter”, who scored points and won new marbles for “cans”.

Girls and boys were equal in this game…practice, good aim, smooth surface and a bit of luck. So many types of marbles! Aggies (agates), catseye, red devils, “commie” (common, made of clay), steel, swirled, tiger and colored glass with gemstone names (opals, rubies, bloods).

In my rural elementary school, there were swing sets with a rush to be the first to get a swing. There were basketball hoops, permanent or chalk-drawn hopscotch squares, lots of jump ropes and balls. And there were marbles. A circle drawn in chalk. Each player places an equal number of their own marbles in the circle. And then compete to shoot (and collect) marbles out of the circle. I only knew it as a playground game for kids, but kids and adults have and are playing marble games all over the world. Some of the fanciest marbles were made in Germany. And the marbles are collected, displayed and treasured.

Earlier this season, children attending the Fayette County Farmer’s Market had the opportunity to participate in a “treasure hunt” and collect a marble game bag (marbles, instructions and string) at the end of the hunt. These marbles were made available through an anonymous donation of thousands of marbles, and the bags of marbles thanks to our very own volunteer, Mrs. Debra, and her enthusiasm to ensure that marble games are not forgotten!

This Saturday will provide another opportunity for young people to access a set of starting marbles. Summer is a wonderful time to be outside with some string, chalk, marbles and a friend or two. Instructions for many marble games are available on the internet as well as in our local library!

The hugely popular Bluegrass Ramblers will be back this week to help us celebrate our Independence Day.

The market is open Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to noon and is located in the municipal parking lot at the corner of South Main and East East streets at Washington Court House. SNAP EBT food benefit cards and credit/debit cards are accepted. Those who use the SNAP EBT card for food purchases receive matching “Produce Perks” tokens ($1 for $1) valid only for fruits, vegetables, and food-producing plants. So, “buy one, get one” up to $25 EVERY market day. Five dollar coupons will again be available to FAYETTE COUNTY Farm Bureau members at each Saturday market; these can be spent at the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

The following list contains the names and products of vendors who plan to set up shop this Saturday. Other suppliers may also participate.

Julie G’s cookies (Julie Greenslade): Sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisins, peanut butter fudge, lemon bars, chocolate peanut butter bars, funfetti, snickerdoodle, ginger, oatmeal raisins, pineapple cookies, chocolate chips and peanut butter jumbos.

Grubb Hubb (Kay Terry) from KK: Serve breakfast!

Black Lorre Umbrellas (Black Lorre): Umbrellas to match your personality, that of your friends and family too. With every umbrella you buy, you help your community by helping LBU build our very own Umbrella Alley at WCHO.

Persinger Produce and Cottage Foods, The Jam Man (David Persinger): Jams: NEW this week is black raspberry jam. Others include strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb, grape, pineapple, Brazilian pineapple, triple berry, peach, blueberry, cherry, blackberry, seedless blackberry, red raspberry, the red raspberry jalapeno and the strawberry jalapeno. Jellies: chilli & HOT HOT HOT pepper. JAM WITH NO ADDED SUGAR: seedless strawberry and blackberry. Assortment of chocolate sheet cakes.

PPCF & S. Plymouth Raw Honey) (Julie & Dennis Mosny): Local raw honey, assorted fruit pies, cinni mini’s, roll bars, cinnamon rolls. Blooming daylilies

Rural Beans Roastery LLC (Kameron Rinehart): Assortment of freshly roasted coffee — beans and ground.

Brimstone Lick Treasures (Christina Skaggs): Signs, earrings, fun plant stakes and other knick-knacks.

Wooden designs by DW (Debbie Welch): One of the handcrafted wooden objects – birdhouses, signs, tables, dwarfs. Crochet items including kitchen towels, pot scrubs, potholders, baby booties and afghans. Will accept custom and special orders.

Garden overlooking the bridge (Hunter & Lorelle Rohrer): Green beans, red beets, spring onions, cucumbers, zucchini. Variety of plants including houseplants, perennials and summer celosia. Homemade bread, butter buns.

Cheryl’s Craft Country (Cheryl Braun & David Stewart): Arts and crafts

Cozy Baby Blessings (Nancy Cutter): Cozy Baby Blessings: Baby Essentials, including crochet blankets and hats, flannel blankets and bibs. Also bead pens, crochet dishtowels and pot scrubbers and melt waxes (over 50 scents).

DSC Produce Farm (Darren coxswain): Salsas, dressings. Tasting of cinnamon pear jam and blueberry salsa and vinaigrette. Pickled cucumbers.

Engeti (Alana Walters): Baked goods including bread, cinnamon rolls, rolls, cakes, pies, cookies.

Greens and Greenery (Katrina Bush): Baklawa is back! Strawberry jam (low sugar or honey), spring honey, sourdough crackers. Native flowering plants including zinnias, cleome, Phoenician mullein, bee balm, yellow coneflower. Some vegetable and aromatic plants: holy basil, burnet, zucchini, tomato, chia. Garlic and other seasonal products.

Jim’s Premium Ground Beef (Jim Hobbs): Premium quality ground beef in various packages (patties, bulk tubes).

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