Mrs. Wick’s Bakery and Cafe named one of the best pie shops


WINCHESTER, Ind. – This is the best time of the year to be a pie lover. After all, for many, the sweet finale to many Thanksgiving meals is a velvety slice of pumpkin pie or a warm piece of apple pie with a dollop of ice cream.

And while apple pie can be as American as a pastry can be – in Indiana, sugar cream pie reigns supreme.

It’s that pie that landed in a Winchester bakery thrillThe list of “25 Best Pie Stores in America”.

Mrs. Wick’s Bakery and Cafe is known for its interpretation of a pie that has become synonymous with Hoosier State.

Sugar Cream Pie was one of the first pies on the menu when Duane “Wick” Wickersham started his business in 1944. What started as a factory canteen has grown into a 10,000-plus pie operation. of 30,000 pie shells in an 8- quarter hour, according to the Wick’s Pies website.

The bakery makes 36 varieties of pies every day. Fruit pies include apple, blueberry crumbs, and strawberry rhubarb. Cream pie lovers can try banana, coconut, or peanut butter varieties. There are also additional seasonal flavors.

If you have a preference as to what type of pie you’d like, Wick’s tells you to just call them (765.584.7437) and they’ll do it just for you! The owners just ask that you give them a day or two notice.

The bakery sells fresh slice pies and whole uncooked and frozen pies at an attached retail store.

You can find the bakery at 100 Cherry Street in Winchester. It’s about 90 minutes east of Indianapolis.

Pies can also be purchased online and shipped nationwide from Goldbelly.


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