Nonprofit record store with bar coming to KC



KCK’s trendy Strawberry Hill neighborhood is getting a new non-profit record store with its own bar, thanks to two people who are deeply attached to the neighborhood.

In early summer, Shaun Crowley of Manor Records approached Dan Castillo, owner of The Mockingbird Lounge, to find a building to open a new record store. Castillo knew the place exactly: an old building on 6th Street, recently renovated by Matt Tomasic.

“I’ve dreamed of opening a non-profit bar for years,†Castillo says, and when Crowley came up with the idea for a record store, sparks were ignited. The concept was a non-profit record store and bar, and Crowley was on board. After a lot of meeting and planning, the two agreed on a mission.

Half of the proceeds will go to local musicians and the other half will be used to benefit the Strawberry Hill neighborhood. Castillo has lived in Strawberry Hill for five years now and enjoys the community. “I see a lot of potential in the region and would hate to see it do anything other than thrive,†Castillo said. “The idea is to improve sidewalks, install municipal grade trash cans and streetlights, and hopefully spread more small nonprofits than the neighborhood would find useful.”

The project is still in its early stages, but Castillo and Crowley hope to open later this year. As for the vibe, Castillo hopes to give the space a mid-century feel with retro furniture and penny or subway tiles, something that looks as inviting and crisp as vinyl.


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