Philippines recognizes women entrepreneurs in agriculture


Philippines Department of Agriculture (DA) Recognized Women Entrepreneurs Engaged in Agriculture during DA 2021 Outstanding Rural Women Finder (SORW)

The awards aim to bring public attention to the achievements of women in agriculture and the empowerment of women for future generations. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The event took place at Department of Agriculture building in Manila.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar shared her vision for gender-equal agriculture at the event. In a keynote address, he praised the efforts of women in the country to build a brand in a male-dominated industry. He added: “Your role and contribution to the agricultural sector is essential and empowering as you position yourself at the forefront of thriving and sustainable agriculture. At the ministry, we recognize the influence you have. That’s why, in 2003, we launched the DA Search for Outstanding Rural Women.

Undersecretary for High Value Added Crops and Rural Credit Evelyn Laviña, who is also president of the Gender and development focal point system and the prize jury said, “Each woman has her own strength. And every woman has her own way of something that is originally innate in her. And there are also different types of experiences that they adapt and adjust to, depending on the situation.

She further explained that the award is proof of DA’s commitment to achieving gender equality in agriculture. “The “Award for Outstanding Women in Rural Agriculture and Fisheries” is an appropriate and necessary program to remind our women in agriculture and fishing and all others how valuable they are not only to the Ministry of Agriculture but to the whole country. ”

Candidate from Region V Cristina Torreda, Owner of Cristina’s strawberry farm in Catanduanes, was hailed as this year’s national winner.

During her acceptance speech, Torreda recalled the hardships she has experienced and overcome, especially how ‘Super Typhoon Rolly’ ravaged Cristina’s strawberry farm in 2015. Torreda aims to inspire more people, by especially young people, to participate in agriculture through its influence as this year’s national member. Winner. She said, “This award is not just about the price. It’s not just the title. It really comes down to the heart and the interest of venturing into farming.

The DA in search of exceptional rural women is an annual enterprise that properly rewards rural women who have accomplished both outstanding achievements in agro-fishing development and significant impacts on the lives of their rural fellow citizens. It also aims to document the successes of Philippine farming community draw the public’s attention to them as role models empowerment of women.


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