Ramadan: how fruit vendors are doing a booming business in Jos

PThe State of Lateau is known for its fertility in arboriculture, processing and marketing. The climate of the state and the condition of the soil favor the cultivation of various fruits, which are hardly grown in other states.

Fruits like cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, apple, grape, among others, are grown on the Plateau. As a result, many women (mainly) buy and sell fruits and derive considerable income from them.

Fruit consumption seems to have increased, especially among Muslim worshipers, who buy it to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Our correspondent noticed that the fruit sellers were doing good business in Jos because of the season. Some fruit vendors roam around Terminus Market, Dogon Karfe, among others.

Some stay in places like Old Airport Junction, Minago Road Junction, Building Material, Ring Road, Bukuru, etc.

Fruit buyers throng to different places to buy the different fruits of their choice in preparation for breaking the fast. Among the fruits purchased, the most important are watermelon, pineapple, oranges and dates (nuts), popularly called dabino.

A fruit seller, Mary John, said that since the start of the Ramadan fast, sales have increased and she usually sells her fruit every day. This, according to her, was different before the holy month.

She explained that before Ramadan, once it is evening, she hardly cuts a new watermelon into smaller pieces, as it is perishable once cut.

Mrs. John said she sells watermelon, cucumber, papaya and carrot, adding that through the product she was able to help her husband take care of the family/kids.

Another fruit vendor, Esther Yusuf, said she has been selling fruit for more than 10 years now and with each fasting season her sales increase.

She said this fasting season was no different in terms of increased sales, adding that she generally treats all of her customers well, whether on fasting or not, and that’s why they always frequent her. .

She said next to her that other fruit sellers had good sales during this period and the turnover was encouraging.

According to her, watermelon is sold at N100 and N200 per piece (depending on the size), papaya at N200 and apple at N200 and N250.

Meanwhile, a faithful Muslim, Nura Mohammed, told our correspondent that he consumes more fruit during Ramadan than at other times, noting that he mainly buys pineapples, watermelons and oranges.

He, however, pointed out that some fruit sellers have raised their prices even if not that much.

For his part, Haruna Yusuf Abba from Angwan Rogo in Jos North, said Ramadan iftar always comes with a quest for water testing, so fruits like dates, watermelon, sweet melon and the like become so demanding and enjoyable.

In addition, Abdulrahman Inuwa of Bauchi Road in Jos, said he consumed watermelon and orange when breaking his fast, pointing out that they had beneficial effects on his health.

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