Ranking 23 flavors and types of Gatorade from worst to best



In a monumental undertaking, we set out to examine the multiple flavors and kinds of Gatorade drinks and decide which are the best, but in doing so, we found that this company has offered over its many years of existence a plethora and wide variety of products, and you might be surprised at which items are on the list.

People generally drink this stuff like juice and although it is primarily a drink related to sports recovery and performance, as it was designed to be when it was created, people just don’t seem to have enough.

A bottle of Gatorade is always seen on picnic tables at barbecues and meetings; even on television, during all this time, no sport is played.

Why do we love Gatorade?

And why is that? To put it simply: because it tastes great and is sometimes the perfect treat.

Believe it or not, Gatorade was introduced in 1965, and it has a much more scientific creation history than you might think. It was created at the University of Florida by scientists, Harry James Free, Alejandro de Quesada, Dana Shires and of course Robert Cade, who died in 2007.

Next, Florida Gators head coach Ray Graves asked scientists to create a drink for his players … a drink that would help them replenish wasted fluids sweated during play and training, helping them get better. to play…

If you consult the Wikipedia page On Gatorade, you’ll see an epic image of Gators player Chip Hinton tasting Gatorade for the first time in 1965 after its premiere. I wonder if he played like a lion that day, or rather, a Gator. Talk about epic moments in history.


Throughout the ’90s, Gatorade had stiff competition in All Sport, a similar drink except it was carbonated, but nothing could stand in the way of the dominance that Gatorade would soon have. What could you expect from a company that at one point also launched a brand of gum under the name Gator Gum?

It is owned by PepsiCo and is sold in over eighty countries.

So, as is our custom here at Guilty Eats, let’s move on to ranking most of the flavors and categories in Gatorade.

23. All flavors G2

They tried to create a tasty Gatorade diet, but they tried to no avail, if you ask me. These are pale compared to the original flavors they’re trying to represent, and they just don’t scream Gatorade. A total and utter failure at all levels.

22. Gatorade Zero-Berry flavor

These weren’t introduced so long ago and while not all of the flavors are so good collectively, this one is okay, even if it tastes a bit like Tempra for kids.

21. Zero-Lemon / Lime Gatorade

Of the Zero flavors, this is the one that comes closest to the original Lemon / Lime that is further down this list. Close, as they say, but no cigar.

20. Strawberry / Watermelon

What about watermelon drinks? They taste more like rind than flesh, which most people look for but never find. I’m afraid Gatorade dropped the ball on that front as well.

19. Gatorade Zero with protein

And thus being a sports drink, they entered the protein supplement game. These barely contain ten grams of protein for gym goers, and the taste isn’t great at all. You might as well take 1 cup of pumpkin seeds for 15 grams of protein instead.

18. Gatorade Chocolate Super Shake (chocolate)

But they have a chocolate shake that actually rivals any other protein shake on the market. And it serves 30 grams of protein, which after 20 sets of bicep workout is a bit more appropriate.

17. Mango

One of the first thirst-quenching flavors on the list and my least favorite fruit juice flavors. Gatorade, however powerful he may be, hasn’t been spared this preference on this list, I’m afraid.

16. Ferocious Rush and Riptide

Cool name and all, but the flavor is just okay.

15. Gatorade Frost and Ice Charge

Warm up, or should I say cooler?

14. Gatorade Cherry Blue Fierce

We’re starting to turn the tide, and with these next flavors they can most definitely be considered interchangeable and I would take them in a pinch if needed… essentially a pinch considering I’m excessively thirsty.

13. Gatorade Flow-Blackberry Wave

See # 14

12. Gatorade Frost-Arctic Blitz

See n ° 13 and 14

11. Strawberry / Lemonade

The Strawberry Gatorade flavor is flawed because I don’t get that signature strawberry flavor I need in a strawberry drink. That’s the case in all of their drink series, and the combo here just doesn’t work. Want an epic strawberry flavor, go get a bottle of Snapple or Fruity.

10. Strawberry / Raspberry

See # 11

9. Strawberry

See numbers 11 and 10

8. Ferocious Green Apple Gatorade

Okay, you got me. No, it has nothing to do with a green apple, but it’s a type of flavor I’ve always loved. I think of it as the fake green apple flavor that many products have: hard candy, fluffy candy and juice drinks and sports drinks. I can’t say no.

7. Gatorade Frost-Glacial Cherry

If you’ve ever taken a long walk on a hot day and stopped for a drink to quench your thirst, there might not be a better drink next to water that can do you best. satisfy in such a situation.

6. Lime / Cucumber

A pleasant surprise. I didn’t think they’d be able to do cucumber justice, but they did, and it pairs exceptionally well with lime.

5. Ferocious grape

Again, this one tastes like kid’s medicine, but doesn’t bother me as much as the Gatorade Zero Berry flavor. Plus, Grape always takes me back to my childhood, and if you’ve read any of my other posts here at Guilty Eats, you’ll know how food and drink tends to do.

4. Cool blue

We’re getting into the 4 classic flavors that I think define what Gatorade is … a drink you should be drinking when doing some type of physical activity, but can’t help but eat while munching on a bag. of corn chips or a burger. and fries. Now let’s talk about Guilty Eats, eh dear readers?

3. Fruit punch

Goes very well with nachos.

2. Orange

Try freezing this one to make Gatorade Orange pops.

1. Lemon / Lime

The greatest flavor and my must-have every time I am asked this famous question: “What flavor?”

Does anyone else miss All Sport? Any flavors we missed that you absolutely love? Let us know, dear readers.


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