Reeves Farms shares the impact of inflation

BALDWINSVILLE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The Reeves family has been in the farming business for five generations.

“I’ve been picking strawberries since I was probably around three or four years old,” said Reeves Farms manager Karin Reeves.

Inflation affected every aspect of the family business.

“We’ve seen it all, fertilizer costing almost double what it cost last year, some of the containers we buy have almost doubled, and then other things, 20% is pretty typical.”

Karin Reeves, Reeves Farms Manager

One of the biggest expenses is diesel fuel. Which, she says, has tripled from previous years.

“We use a lot of diesel fuel when we have to irrigate,” Reeves added.

The farm tries to limit the impact on customers. They kept the price of a liter of strawberries the same as last year – seven dollars.

“If that continues to happen year after year, where we see higher costs, we may have to increase,” Reeves said, “We thought we’d try this year and see how things go keeping the price at dish.”

Whether you choose to buy or pick, you save money when you buy your berries in bulk.

“It’s $36 if you buy eight pints, so again, maybe bring some friends and you can choose together,” Reeves said.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the bay itself. You can choose yourself – come soon as the strawberry season is over at the end of June.

Reeves said one way to support farmers is to buy local. Stop by your local farm or ask your grocery store to carry produce from local farms.

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