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Want to change your eating routine? I have some ideas for you. Try an award-winning chicken wing topped with a creamy Mexican corn sauce. Or dive into the creative world of Cuban pizza. And, for dessert, head to an off the beaten track Mexican meat market for a strawberry snow cone topped with coconut ice cream.

These valley dining spots all offer something a little different. With three West Valley locations, Booty’s Wings Burgers and Beer makes some of America’s most creative chicken wings. And this is not hyperbole. The fair restaurant won the Super Bowl in wing contests with its Mexican-inspired elote chicken wing.

A little more under the radar is Edward’s Cuban Bakery, a Phoenix Mall gem that serves Miami’s specialty Cuban pizza that’s hard to find. It’s a synthesis of Italian and Caribbean flavors, with an irresistible puffy crust topped with a tangy blend of mozzarella and gouda.

In the town of Guadalupe in the East Valley, I fell in love with a charming raspados store located in the front room of a Mexican meat market. Believe me, it’s worth the trip.

When planning your culinary adventures this month, make sure these three are at the top of your list. Here is what to order once there.

A 20 wing platter, clockwise from top left: Jamaican Jerk, Elote, Medium Buffalo, and Cesar Fire.

Order elote wings at Booty’s

Owned by Rochester-native Andy LiButti, this West Valley sports bar wins awards almost every year at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. Last September, the restaurant received the coveted “Festival Favorite” award for its Arizona elote wings, as well as first place in the traditional medium wings category and second place in the best shows category.

The menu here features 36 different flavors, with awesome combos like Cajun Alfredo Bacon, Caesar Fire, and Hickory Ranch BBQ. The elote wing was by far my favorite of the group on a recent visit to the original location in Surprise.

The elote wing is covered with a creamy sauce made from roasted corn, mayonnaise and lime spiced with Tajin and cotija cheese. The sauce eliminates the need for a side of ranch dressing or blue cheese. The sauce is so good that you will probably find yourself scooping it up with your fingers.

Learn more about Booty’s Wings:West Valley’s award-winning sports bar

Details: Three locations at 13375 W. McDowell Road, Suite 101, Goodyear, 623-440-4739. 15557 W. Bell Road, Suite 405, Surprise, 623-546-7757. 1300 S. Watson Road, Suite 109, Buckeye, 623-386-3080.

Order Cuban Pizza at Edward’s Cuban Bakery

Edward’s Cuban Bakery sets itself apart from other Caribbean restaurants in Maryvale with its unique menu of Cuban pastries and snacks. This is the only place I have found in Arizona that serves Cuban pizza, a chewy, foldable version of the Italian classic that’s popular in Miami and throughout the island of Cuba.

Edward’s Puffy Pan pizzas feature a funky combination of zesty mozzarella and gouda along with ingredients like shrimp, tuna and chorizo. They are picada sliced ​​with charred and cracked edges.

The combo of light dough, sweet tomato sauce and strong cheese is super satisfying. I much preferred the ham version, made with large cubes of cold cuts. In the same way that arcade pizza tastes amazing between two rounds of pinball, Cuban pizza pairs perfectly with a croquette and fried mashed potatoes.

Learn more about Edward’s Cuban Bakery:For Cuban pizza and papas rellenas

Details: 4344 W. Indian School Road, Suite 9, Phoenix. 602-595-7117,

Order the strawberry raspado at Amigos Carniceria

Watermelon (left) and strawberry raspados at Amigos Carniceria in Guadalupe.

Located in the living room of a bustling carniceria in Pueblo Pascua Yaqui de Guadalupe, this Mexican snack bar serves some of the best raspados in the valley.

Decorated with a pastoral farmhouse mural, the brightly colored space plays cumbia classics like Sonora Dinamita over the speakers and lets you pair your raspados with any type of ice cream from the case. .

Amigos offers unique tropical syrups like tamarindo and guayaba, but I decided to jazz up a classic strawberry raspado with coconut ice cream and a layer of cream or sweetened condensed milk. The creamy and fresh coconut provided the perfect contrast to the sweet strawberry syrup.

Details: 9210 S. Avenida del Yaqui, Guadalupe. 480-590-4822,ía-106674411480382.

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