Starbucks launched a new TikTok-inspired Strawberry Sunset and it’s amazing



Starbucks has a habit of releasing the most social media-friendly drinks on the market, it’s no surprise we see them popping up on Instagram and TikTok.

Today, they’re launching a new, limited-edition frozen drink that not only looks great on camera, but also takes inspiration from the trending customizations on TikTok.

The Strawberry Sunset officially launches today and you can get your hands on it until August 25 – it’s really a pretty limited edition.

True to its name, this drink is gorgeous and looks like a sunset in a mug – it’s perfect for your snaps and videos on your social accounts.

Taking a first sip, I mostly just tasted the lemonade and tea used to complement it.

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It’s a drink without a straw, but I would recommend taking a straw to better distribute the flavors after taking your photos.

The shadowy nature of the iced tea drink is made up of strawberry sauce, peach syrup, green tea, and lemonade.

I find green tea can get quite bitter once the brewing time takes over five minutes, so I was very happy to have the lemonade to sweeten it.

I’ve actually ordered a drink very similar to this in the past by adding syrups (although I’ve used hibiscus tea, which is naturally caffeine-free and less bitter) so I’m glad to see it. on the menu without having to pay extra for syrups and supplements.

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I think it’s best to get it with a straw, although that means you have to drink it pretty quickly before the paper straw starts to unravel.

This can be avoided if you bring a reusable straw.

I really liked this drink and honestly can imagine myself drinking a bit of it over the next couple of weeks, I also think I’ll probably customize something similar once it’s taken off the menu.

You can place an order through the Starbucks app or go to a store to try it for yourself.


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