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The average consumer is much more health conscious than ever, and that is exactly why organic food sales are on the rise. Over the years, agriculture has changed a lot to meet the growing demand for products, which has created the lower quality, chemical-rich products that we find in our stores.

Fortunately, however, there are many places like Organic food markets where consumers can get their hands on pesticide-free products, which offer a wide range of benefits to those who buy them.

If you are considering upgrading to Organic Products, here are some of the benefits you can count on when you do.

Avoid GMOs

genetically modified organism stands for genetically modified organisms and they are used throughout agriculture to alter the way plants are grown. It helps increase the speed of growth and even improves the appearance of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, however, GMOs pose a major threat to the genetic diversity of our diets. Organic products don’t use this process, helping you do your part for the planet.

Improved health

Numerous studies have shown that organic foods are better for a healthy lifestyle. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors added to organic foods, and the less synthetic we consume, the healthier we will be. Although there are many chemicals that are allowed to be added to foods by law, it is still not clear what exactly we are putting into our bodies when we consume these kinds of things. Going organic means you’ll know exactly what you’re eating at all times.

Eat organic food

Improved product taste

One of the most compelling reasons why you should go for organic food is that the taste is much richer and of much better quality than non-organic food. A recent study conducted over a period of 6 years found that organic onions have a higher flavanol content than non-organic onions. These are also the results of other studies that have been carried out on a variety of organic products. And so if you want the tastiest apple or the sweetest strawberry, be sure to buy the ones that have been organically grown.

Eat the sewers

Believe it or not, a lot of non-organically grown produce has actually been treated with something called sewage sludge. This is wastewater that is applied to crops as fertilizer. You can only imagine how many toxic compounds, hormones and dirty pathogens have been added to this mixture. To avoid eating this type of product, always make sure to opt for products from organic farming.

Do it for the workers

Something that is not talked about enough is the fact that by using pesticides and fertilizers on non-organic produce, farm workers can be at risk. These chemicals are harmful when administered and this is something that can pose a threat to those who work on the farm. The more organic products we buy, however, mean more of these remote workers can avoid these dangerous chemicals. The same is true for many who live near farms, as pesticides can easily drift into the air.

There are so many amazing reasons why you should switch to organic food and produce. The more the demand increases, the more the costs will be too!


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