The Pagosa Farmer’s Market is in full swing every Saturday



The Farmers Market event takes place every Saturday during our beautiful Pagosa Springs summer season, continuing through mid-September. The Farmers Market opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 1:00 p.m., and features produce from local farms and gardens in Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County and regional farms in the Four Corners area. Our vendors supply you with fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables and locally produced meats, breads, herbal products, seedlings and more.

A visit to the Pagosa Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings is a great idea for a number of reasons.

Last Saturday, vendors sold over 150 pounds of tomatoes, over 50 pounds of palisade peaches, 40 pounds of strawberries and 10 pounds of grapes, as well as a variety of other freshly harvested vegetables.

Second, our producers provide customers with freshly baked baguettes and sweet or savory pies, muffins (gluten-free or not), cookies, granola and the most tantalizing of caramels.

Third, even if visits to neighbors are not encouraged… you can still say a little hello as you move from vendor to vendor.

If you are a SNAP beneficiary, there is another great reason to shop at the market – you can turn your $ 20 purchase into a value of $ 40 and, at the same time, buy local fresh vegetables, fruits and produce. and regional.

Community members in Colorado and New Mexico can increase their food budget and get more fruit and veg with Double Up Food Bucks when they spend their SNAP EBT card dollars at participating Farmers Markets (including the Market Pagosa Springs Farmer), farm stalls, mobile markets and grocery stores. For example, if you spend $ 10 from your SNAP EBT card at a participating outlet, you get an additional $ 10 to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Colorado / New Mexico. If you spend $ 26 with your SNAP EBT card, you get an additional $ 26 for fresh fruits and vegetables. This means that you have doubled your purchasing power. By using your Double Up Bucks, you are helping support local and regional farmers and increasing your intake of healthy local foods. You also help increase local economic activity by maintaining your local expenses.

To learn more about the Double Up Buck program and to find places in Colorado that support the program, read more at:

You can also shop online on the Producers’ Market, from Monday morning to Thursday evening (for products from Producers and Craftsmen) and from Wednesday 5 p.m. to Friday noon (for Producers).

Once you have placed your order, a notification is sent to the seller who then prepares your order and arranges for delivery / pickup. Buy online here:

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