Worrying trend as 2 more businesses close in Atlantic City

The post-pandemic trend of COVID-19 continues to hit hard as two other long-time businesses in Atlantic City have closed.

Santori’s Produce Outlet was located at 520 North Albany Avenue in the Chelsea Heights section of the Atlantic. City, New New Jersey.

Santori’s has been an Atlantic City staple for over two decades.

This is a big loss, as many residents have long taken advantage of the significant savings available at a fruit and vegetable store.

The second location to close recently is Jonuzi Chelsea Pizza, which was previously located at 2309 Atlantic Avenue in the Chelsea section of Atlantic City.

Jonuzi was a decade-long natural settlement in Atlantic City.

In the photo above, you can see Jonuzl on board for good.

Both establishments closed for the month of September 2022.

If you think a whole bunch of long-standing establishments have closed lately, you can’t imagine it.

There has been a belated reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic from a business perspective. Companies have done everything they can to get through the pandemic and get things done.

What followed was also a phenomenon of very difficult employment, where it became difficult, if not impossible, to attract and retain staff.

For generations there was a stable workforce in place. This is no longer the case.

Almost every business that closed in 2022 said the same thing.

  • They want to retire after long careers in business.
  • Difficulties in attracting and retaining employees.
  • Supply chain issues.
  • Inflationary pressures.

With each closure, it becomes a very personal story, as so many long-held experiences have suddenly turned into memories.

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