Yellowstone Park plans to turn some bison into burgers


It probably won’t reduce the cost of meat in the grocery store, but some people will enjoy delicious bison this winter. Yellowstone National Park plans to slaughter the herd of nearly 1,000 animals. If that happens. Cue liberal rage and legal action!

Not all animals will be slaughtered or chased. However, some will be moved to new roaming grounds. It is not easy to do. Bison are not like cattle. Large wild animals are unlikely to go of their own accord. It’s like moving an angry light van.

There are concerns about the disease

This is not done because the park managers are mean. They are trying to stem the spread of brucellosis, which can spread to domestic cattle. Environmentalists do not like the latter because the animals are not native to the region. On the other hand, pastoralists and farmers have what is called economic clout and great political power.

Bison are not going away for good. The species has experienced a dramatic rebound. Just like grizzly bears and wolves. In Idaho, the wolf population is estimated to be ten times larger than expected when the packs were reintroduced a few decades ago. The grizzly bear population has also experienced a recent peak. Encounters between bears, wolves, bison and stupid tourists are also increasing.

This is good science

While environmentalists oppose the hunt, they seem less concerned with meeting people. All this does not involve visiting idiots.

The Liberals tell us to trust science. At present, it is said that the animals can be managed by hunting and resettlement.

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