Your little ghosts and elves will love these Halloween cookies



Halloween has always been a big deal for me. I mean, what were you expecting? A drama teacher, with access to costumes, stage makeup, and props, wouldn’t love Halloween? Never.

Halloween parties for the whole family

I would throw the best parties. Epic family evenings. Many of my theater friends contributed to the events of the party. From sound effects and lighting to Halloween-inspired food, we had all the other spooky bases covered.

The costumes were amazing

The whole family, my husband and my kids dressed, even my mom and dad. One year, my father was a fly. The kids were young and didn’t know what to think of Grandpa’s odd costume. He was, of course, characterful and buzzed everywhere. My friend’s husband in 1999 dressed up as a Y2K bug. One year I dressed up as Medusa, rubber snakes in my hair and everything. It was my favorite costume.

Devilish food to have

As you know, I am not a cook. So, I counted on my friends from the Home Ecom = nomics department to give us a fest worthy of the Addams Family. I remember having a brain cheese ball, hard bloodshot eyes, mummy sausage, bloody brains (ramen noodles with red food coloring), witches brewed with a floating ice hand holding it kept cold and many others.

Halloween party cookies are so easy, your little ghouls can bake them too.

Spooky Halloween Oreos Stuffed Sugar Cookies.

Halloween Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies Are So Easy Your Little Ghosts & Goblins Can Make Them Evan

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Don’t forget your ADULT party drinks. Here are some ideas!

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